Alex Noriega

Nature Photography

Landscape photography by Alex Noriega. Alex offers instructional videos, workshops, prints, and image licensing.


I'm a full-time landscape photographer currently based in the Pacific Northwest of the United States. I've been shooting for seven years. I most often find myself photographing the incredible geology of the American desert southwest, the humbling scale of alpine/mountain environments, or the strange and lush foliage of the forest. My primary goal is to create images of nature that evoke emotion in me, and hopefully that translates to the viewer. I have a great appreciation for both dramatic and quiet scenes.

In 2016, I won three major awards, all international competitions with thousands of entries from dozens of countries:

My images have appeared in a number of publications, including USA Today, Landscape Photography Magazine, Photography Masterclass Magazine, DPReview, Scholastic, N-Photo Magazine, LeNs Magazine, Digital Photo Magazine, Digital Camera World, Digital Photographer Magazine, Practical Photography Magazine, Photographer's Companion, Amateur Photographer UK, and the IES Lighting Handbook.

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