I'm a professional nature photographer traveling throughout the United States full-time with my partner, Taylor.

Having grown up in Wisconsin surrounded by flat farmlands, it wasn’t until I took a road trip to California that I first saw the mountains and deserts of the West. The experience of seeing these rugged landscapes made me realize just how much nature moves and inspires me. Shortly after, I moved West and began photographing nature exclusively.

Prior to nomadic life, I enjoyed living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest for several years. Even so, it has always been the desert landscapes of the American Southwest—particularly the Colorado Plateau—that have roused my artistic passions.

I aim to convey a sense of mystery with my photographs. I want to spark the viewer’s imagination. I have a great appreciation for subtle, intimate scenes and the timeless compositional techniques of the masters of film. I try to blend this classic style with a more contemporary look in my work.

Put simply, I strive to create photographs that I love.

I’m a contributor at Nature Photographers Network, and I’m a proud Nature First member.

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Awards and Publications

In 2016, I won three international competitions, each with thousands of entries from dozens of countries:

My images have appeared in a number of publications, including: USA Today, Landscape Photography Magazine, Photography Masterclass Magazine, DPReview, Backpacker Magazine, Scholastic, N-Photo Magazine, LeNs Magazine, Digital Photo Magazine, Digital Camera World, Digital Photographer Magazine, Practical Photography Magazine, Photographer's Companion Magazine China, Photo World China, Amateur Photographer UK, Réponses Photo France, and the IES Lighting Handbook.


I believe that great images can be made with just about any equipment, and that each piece of my photography gear is simply a tool. That said, I prefer certain tools, and I get many inquiries about what I’m using, so here is a current list. I’ve been using all Canon camera bodies and lenses since 2017, and I use Breakthrough/Colorado Tripod Company for my filters and tripod: