Alex Noriega

Nature Photography

Landscape photography by Alex Noriega. Alex offers instructional videos, workshops, prints, and image licensing.


There are two main areas photographers can really put themselves into an image and set it apart, given the same subject and conditions - composition, and processing/development. I can teach you my approach to the latter, no matter where you are in the world - as long as you have an internet connection! Lessons are available via Skype at a rate of $100 USD per hour (payable via PayPal).

If you would prefer to learn at your own pace, and save some money, check out my videos.

During a session, I'll share my screen so that you can see what I'm doing every step of the way, as I take you through my unique workflow, start to finish. I'll explain what I'm doing (and why) in detail, and you'll be free to stop me to ask questions. I recommend starting with a 2-hour session (long enough to cover my entire workflow on one to two images, depending on your current proficiency level). 

I have certain images that are great for demonstration of my techniques, but we can also take a look at any of my other images if you want to see a particular aspect of their processing. I will occasionally work on my clients' raws if they're suitable for demonstration, so they may see what's possible with the files they already have. I'd be happy to give detailed critique of your images as well. I will make a video recording of the session, and provide you with that and a Photoshop PSD afterward for you to follow along and practice with.

*Video content is for your personal educational use only, and may not be distributed in any way.

Contact me to schedule a session. I'm typically available afternoons and evenings, Pacific Time (GMT -8). Thanks!

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