Alex Noriega

Nature Photography

Landscape photography by Alex Noriega. Alex offers instructional videos, workshops, prints, and image licensing.


I'm available any time of year for private in-field photographic instruction and expert guiding. I have extensive location knowledge across the mountains, deserts, forests, and coasts of the American Northwest and Southwest, so I'm able to take you to the best spots for making compelling images of these uniquely diverse landscapes. We can custom-tailor your tour to locations and subjects you're interested in, taking into account the conditions at the time of year you'd like to book.

I'm very laid-back, and I love to teach others the ins and outs of my passion - scouting locations, finding and honing compositions, taking advantage of different types of light and conditions, overcoming the technical limitations of your equipment, and my unique creative post-processing techniques. I'll make sure to get you in the right places at the right times, following weather and conditions as they develop. Whether you're a beginner that would like to learn the entire photographic process step-by-step, or an advanced photographer looking for more of a location guide than a teacher, I can meet your needs.

Pricing is $750 per day for the first participant. Add $250 per day per additional participant, up to a maximum of 4 participants. Participants are responsible for their own transportation, lodging, and meals.

Contact me to schedule a tour or if you have any questions. Thanks!

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