Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I download the actions/panels you use in the video?

I now use Tony Kuyper's RapidMask Panel for luminosity masks, a free version of which is available here (or get the full version here). I also use the TK7 panel for web sharpening, but for a free alternative, I recommend Alex Nail’s web sharpening actions available here.

I'm not familiar with luminosity masks.

My videos are geared toward intermediate to advanced users, who are already comfortable with Photoshop layers and masks. There are many existing tutorials out there on these subjects, so I'm aiming to provide you with material on what makes my workflow unique, and how I achieve my personal style. My tutorials will explain luminosity masks in practical terms as they are used in my techniques, but a great deal of time is not dedicated to the subject.

If you'd like to learn more about luminosity masks from the photographer who popularized them, check out Tony Kuyper's website. He and Sean Bagshaw have collaborated on what I have been told are some great video tutorials on luminosity masks, if you're inclined to learn in-depth on the subject.

I’m having trouble downloading the video.

Please contact me with the name you used to place your order, and I’ll get you a different download link ASAP.

Can I view the video on multiple devices?

You can use it on as many of YOUR own devices as you please.

Can I share the download link or the files with a friend?

No! These files are licensed for your PERSONAL USE only. I have put a lot of time and work into these techniques over the years, and I ask that each person that wants to learn make their own purchase.

When will I receive a hard copy of the video?

When you purchase a tutorial on my website, you're purchasing a digital file, not a hard copy. You will receive a download link via email after your purchase.

Why won't the file play on my computer?

The built-in video players in Mac OS and Windows don't always handle every type of video format. I recommend installing VLC Media Player, which will play any video file you can throw at it.

Why won't the file work on my mobile device?

The download provided is a ZIP file, which contains the MP4 video, a downsized Photoshop project file, my personal actions, and a PDF containing the information on this page. It may be easiest to download on a computer and extract it there, then copy the video file to your mobile device. To extract on Mac OS, simply double-click the downloaded file. On Windows, right-click the file, and choose Extract. If you don't have a computer available, you can find unzipping utilities on your device's App Store.

What software will I need?

My techniques only require Adobe Photoshop and Camera Raw or Lightroom. These programs are all included in Adobe's $9.99/month photography plan. My techniques will work on older versions of Photoshop for the most part, but I do sometimes take advantage of newer CC-only features, so I highly recommend subscribing.

How do I install your actions?

Simply double-click the extracted action file and Photoshop will automatically install it.

The video looks washed out in VLC Media Player on Windows.

Go to Tools > Preferences, then go to the Video section, and set Output to "OpenGL video output". This should resolve the issue. If you want to see 100% accurate color and contrast for the file I'm working on, you may also refer to the included Photoshop project file.

The video looks washed out in Quicktime on Mac OS.

Try installing VLC Media Player, which seems to display color more accurately than Quicktime on Mac.

The Photoshop project file looks a little blurry.

I have provided a downsampled 2000-pixel project file so that you can play with all the layers shown in the video and see how they work. I'm unable to provide a full-resolution file, as these are some of my best-selling and most valuable images.


If you have any questions not answered above, feel free to contact me.